About Us

How does one get the idea of raising shrimp in Indiana? It started with an article in the Wall Street Journal, reporting on the sudden rise in Midwesterners turning to raising shrimp through aquaculture. It seemed like a great retirement plan when Lisa and David Dykhoff started researching what it took to start an operation near Muncie, Indiana. Soon after, they realized it made sense to bring in their daughter Joanna and son-in-law Jason who dreamed of owning a small farm and re-locating from the Indianapolis area to be closer to family. Joanna and Jason were intrigued by the idea of getting involved in a growing industry focusing on providing a local product that, let’s face it, is pretty unique!

Within the next year, the perfect property was found located south of Muncie in the Cowan area. This property, with five acres located south of highway IN 67, affords potential customers easy access. The barn on the property would be easy to retrofit into a shrimp-growing operation. And it was blue, an unusual color for a barn in Indiana, hence calling the business Blue Barn Shrimp!

But that was the easy work and the hard work was yet to come – to answer the question of how does one raise shrimp in Indiana? Blue Barn Shrimp connected with RDM Aquaculture located in Fowler, Indiana to learn more. Their work in raising shrimp in the Midwest has helped to fuel interest by many to create start-up operations. Plus, RDM has created a system of raising shrimp which has little to no impact on the environment, a sticking point for some who question purchasing shrimp grown outside the United States, where growing practices are not well regulated.

During the fall of 2014 and spring and summer of 2015, Blue Barn Shrimp focused on setting up their business status, retrofitting the barn for raising shrimp and getting the business up and running. And here we are today! We hope any and all who enjoy shrimp consider visiting Blue Barn Shrimp and trying our product!