Interested in learning more about how we raise shrimp? Tours are available of our space! See details below to learn more about what types of tours we offer. To book a tour, please callĀ 317.460.4799.

BASIC TOUR – $5 per person

This twenty-minute tour is an introduction to raising shrimp. See the behind-the-scenes of the business and learn how environmentally-friendly practices are used to provide the freshest shrimp in East Central Indiana! These tours are done for individuals and small groups.

BUS TOURS – $50 for a group of 10 and an additional $5 for every additional person

We welcome bus groups to visit Blue Barn Shrimp. Due to space constrictions, groups sizes may need to be kept at 10 people per tour, but will try to accommodate larger groups if possible. While you are visiting don’t forget to buy some shrimp!

EDUCATIONAL TOURS – Free for all school groups preschool through college from the state of Indiana

Blue Barn Shrimp would love a chance to share about what we do with your students! This is a great opportunity to introduce students to the science behind aquaculture while also learning about what local farms do for the surrounding community.

TECHNICAL TOUR – $200 for up to ten people

These tours are for those who are interested in getting an inside look at how our operation works. The tour includes details on the heterotrophic system as well as an understanding of the machinery and science of how shrimp are raised through aquaculture.