Cooking Shrimp

You Have Shrimp, Now What?

Now that you have visited Blue Barn Shrimp and are excited to enjoy your delicious shrimp, what next? Here are some recommendations in getting your shrimp ready to cook!

  • Your shrimp will be ready to eat once you get home. But, if you are not quite ready to get cooking right away then your shrimp will keep in the refrigerator for up to three days or three months in the freezer. A word of note if you choose to freeze your shrimp and have bought more than one pound: divide your shrimp into the portion amounts you plan to serve. If you freeze all your shrimp in one bulk, then you will have to thaw and eat it all at one time.
  • The clean water your shrimp were raised in will help save you some work in the kitchen. Many seasoned shrimp lovers who have prepared shrimp will tell you to remove the mud vein. But, since you have Blue Barn Shrimp, you can skip that step! The mud vein is completely clear.


  • We recommend you leave the shell and head on when cooking. Why? They help to create a sweeter taste to the shrimp you will love. Some recipes, like peel and eat shrimp, will benefit from this. But, you may choose not to, which is understandable. Remember, it is only a recommendation.

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