Getting in the Swing

I am sure by now, by reading our posts or just by visiting our farm, that you realize Jason does most of the hard work around Blue Barn Shrimp. And that was always the plan. But so was allowing our oldest son to get involved in 4-H full time this summer. As a result, Jason took a break for a week from the business to shuttle our son back and forth from the Delaware County Fairgrounds several times a day to feed, water and prep our animals.

That meant I got to play full time shrimp farmer! Before, I just stepped in from time to time, overseeing the operations of the business. But this time I was selling shrimp, testing, feeding and anything else that needed to be done. I admit I was a little worried at first. But Jason wasn’t too far away (like another country) and if he was needed he could be here lickety-split.

I found that during that week, I finally felt that I was truly learning what it meant to do this. Often in the evenings, when my husband comes in, he shares with me his observations and though I would listen intently sometimes I just didn’t quite get it all. But spending a week helped me really understanding how things work together, and how to measure that. So much so that by the end of that week I was telling him the information and my thoughts on what to do!


It also helps me feel more confident that I can really step in at anytime, knowing where my husband left off and just take over. There may be a few other details to still learn. There is a lot to get in your head and chemistry was not the subject I excelled at. But I am thankful to finally be using those skills. So if you are in school and think your science classes have no relevance to being a farmer, think again.

Oh, and our son had a decent first year at 4-H. He got Reserve Champion on is airplane model. His animals, two pigs and two goats, didn’t do as great, but the experience was a memorable one and he cannot wait until next year!

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