Curiosity and Shrimp

This past weekend, Blue Barn Shrimp participated in Conner Prairie’s annual Curiosity Fair. Though we were only there one of two days, we enjoyed the chance to allow families to discover something that, as we found, many do not equate to the Hoosier State: shrimp farms.

The point of the event is to get people thinking how cool our state is through science and history. Conner Prairie excels at bringing the two together, allowing families to discover the connection between the two subjects. When I was in school, these were not subjects that often went together. I wish it did! Though aquaculture doesn’t necessarily have a role in Indiana’s past, it definitely will be instrumental to its future.


I was excited to hear that we would be exhibiting along with ESCIA, which supplies aquaponics systems to farms and schools, as well as plants and crawfish. I was excited for a chance to meet up with a fellow Indiana Aquaculture Association member. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, Blue Barn Shrimp was be the only aquaculture business in attendance. But that was alright!

I will admit that I was a little nervous. Though I am familiar with Conner Prairie (and their staff), I was nervous about getting the few shrimp I was taking with me to the location alive! I can report, all four shrimp made it there. Once my table and aquarium was set-up, it didn’t take long for visitors to find us.


I could tell that many of the children saw our aquarium had never seen a live shrimp before. Since this event was education based, I made sure to ask questions such as “Have you ever seen a live shrimp?” or “Just by looking, how many sets of legs do you think shrimp have?” I had fun exploring with children. For adults, their questions focused mostly on how they were raised, what they were fed and if they can really buy live shrimp on our farm. Many were excited to hear that and we hope to see them visit our farm soon. I also wasn’t surprised to get questions too about how old the shrimp were that I brought with me. Not many Hoosiers have really thought about shrimp as animals, just food that often comes with a meal at a restaurant.

IMG_5405 IMG_5406

For our first outreach event, we really enjoyed attending and hope next year we can attend again, though things are getting busy at the farm. Fourth of July is coming up and we are sure many of you may be thinking shrimp for your gatherings with family and friends. You may want to call ahead and place an order!

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